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OK, so we’ve just had one of the closest elections in Australian history. It seemed the Australian people couldn’t decide between a conservative Liberal government, or a conservative Labor government. So the decision came down to three independent MP hicks who went on a public money-grab-spree, and nobody raised the question of ethics. Eventually these hicks made their decision and a government has been put in place.

It’s not the voter’s initial indecision that pisses me off. Nor the fact Australia ran for over two weeks without a legitimate government. In fact, the public bribing of the independent MP’s isn’t even the worst thing. What really gets my goat is that the only thing both major political parties agreed to fix, is yet to be fixed. Why the hell are there still boats clogging up our waterways.

I hate boats, with their smug buoyancy and fancy names like Wavedancer. So imagine how pleased I was to hear both major candidates declare, within their top four priorities, to ‘stop the boats’. Now, every time I see those health-nuts rowing down the Murray I’m reminded of the simple truth that politicians lie. I force the rage aside, and remain merely disappointed.